The Power Of Experience

Our network, your success!

How It Started

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Kode was founded on the beach of Scheveningen. We invested in our first startup not long after. As we spoke with other entrepreneurs building their dreams, we realized we were in a position to be more than just an investor. Having built multiple business ourselves, we saw them struggle with the same things we had struggled years before. Based on that we rebuilt Kode into a business that helps build and grow companies: a venture builder.

Our mission is to help innovative entrepreneurs and businesses grow and change the world for the better.

From our background in mathematics and business we strongly believe in data as a foundation of our approach. We've built an assessment framework to help entrepreneurs and businesses "confront the brutal facts".

Similarly, we are convinced that people are the main driver of business success. Creating the right team is a core of our approach. Part of our assessment framework is a personal assessment methodology based on the Enneagram developed by our sister company Nine Wisdoms.

We are entrepreneurs just like you and love building and growing companies, It's our passion!
Koen Hulsbosch
Dennis Van Kuijk

Meet The Founders

Koen Hulsbosch, an entrepreneur and former tech executive with HCL and Atos with a strong track record in dealmaking, outsourcing, M&A and venture building.

Dennis van Kuijk, a former logistics executive, entrepreneur and interim executive with vast experience in operational management and leadership development.

Having built and grown numerous companies, we have each personally lived through the ups and downs of building our own start-ups and riding the roller-coaster of entrepreneurship. Our extensive experience as CEO, vice-president, executive, shareholder, and advisor in various types of (tech) companies, includes corporate, family-owned, listed, and venture-owned.

Through our entrepreneurial journey, we have gained a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in building and growing companies. We worked across various industries gaining invaluable insights and knowledge, and establishing vast personal networks.