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Frequently Asked Questions


What sets Kode apart?

Kode stands out as a dynamic venture services firm, founded in 2020 by two passionate entrepreneurs. Our mission revolves around decoding success for businesses and entrepreneurs, fostering innovation, and making a positive impact on the world.


How does Kode support companies?

We offer three services. Insights, Venture Building and Advisory services


Is Kode Venture Building similar to a business accelerator?

No, Kode Venture Building differs from traditional accelerators. We are a venture services firm providing comprehensive and sustained support, irrespective of the company's development stage. Our commitment goes beyond short-term programs, ensuring a lasting impact.


Is Kode Venture Building a venture capital firm?

No, Kode Venture Building is not a venture capital firm. Although we occasionally invest in companies with our venture building services, this is strictly "sweat equity".


Does Kode work for equity?

Yes. In selected cases we will participate in companies we help with our venture building service. This depends on the strength of the proposition and the management team.


Does Kode only work with Dutch companies?

Yes, we only work with companies with either a local Dutch headquarters or a strong link to The Netherlands. This way we can create maximum synergy with our network of partners and external investors.


What defines Kode's approach?

Kode Venture Building is committed to long-term success. We base our approach on a data-driven assessment framework. Based on the facts, we help companies define their strategy, develop their leadership team and focus on the right areas of the company to grow.


Is my data safe with Kode?

Yes, we store our data in Dutch datacenters. We only use your identifiable data to provide advice to your company. All other data we store is anonymized. We do not provide data to third parties.


Will Kode sign an NDA with my company?

Yes, we often sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients and portfolio companies. For prospective clients or portfolio companies we review this on a case-by-case basis. Note that we talk to a lot of innovative companies and your idea of product might not be unique. It is usually better to not share confidential information until we engage in a contract.


How is intellectual property handled at Kode?

Kode is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and security of intellectual property. While necessary information is shared internally, it is not disclosed to other portfolio companies or partners without written permission.