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At Kode, we believe all growth starts with understanding. We have developed a data-driven, predictive assessment framework to understand where your business stands, and which improvements drive your future success. We do this by looking at a number of aspects of your business: the organization, your leadership team and your financials.

Our assessments serve as invaluable tools, providing a clear picture of your status as an organization, team, or individual, against benchmarks established through data collected from similar companies. Our proprietary AI algorithm calculates which of your company characteristics align most with future success, helping you focus on where to put your efforts to scale and improve.

Data privacy is very important to us. We use your data only for analysis of your company. All other data is anonimized and aggregrated and can't be traced back to a single company.


Organization Assessment

Take advantage of our free organization assessment tool! By evaluating your organization, you gain immediate insight into strengths and areas for development. Using AI, we show you which actions have the most impact for your company. Within moments, you'll receive a detailed report in your inbox. Ready to proceed? It takes approximately 45 minutes. You'll receive the report automatically in your email. 


Team Assessment

People make the difference, whether you're a founding team or a well-established company with decades of history. Studies consistently show the same thing: by knowing and utilizing each other's talents, the growth flywheel accelerates faster and faster. With our team assessment we map out how your team complements each other and which elements are missing. This way we show you how to become more effective. Want to experience this too? Request our leadership team assessment today.


Financial Assessment

Without money, there is no company. It is crucial for every company to be in control of money coming in and going out, understand which investments are needed in the future and know which customers are profitable. With our financial assessment, we map out your company's financial health. We show where investments are the most effective and where you can save or grow.



View some sample reports of our organization and team assessments to get an idea of what to expect.

Whether it's organizational transformation, team development, or personal growth, Kode Insights offers the tools and expertise necessary to achieve your goals.

Ready to get started? Complete the organization assessment and then schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to working with you toward your success.