Nov 2023 - Startup Event At The Hague Tech

Nov 25th, 2023. Kode has organized a startup event together with Arches Capital, Kellton and The Hague Tech.

During our fireside chat the participants gave some interesting nuggets of wisdom to the attending startups:

Ties Hagemeijer advised startups to: "plan out your fundraise, explain to investors what challenges you need to solve to be successful and how the money you raise will help to overcome them."

Nermin Kadiric explained about his philosophy "to be comfortable being uncomfortable".

"You can learn from large corporates", said Iselde van Beurden, "corporates keep 30% of their employees as a flexible layer so they can adapt when things are slow. And scale up when they become fast".

Mariusz Banaszek advised the audience: "don't do everything by yourself."

And finally, Koen Hulsbosch told founders that "starting a company is like a marriage. Agree what to do when you divorce while you still love each other."

Afterwards, startups had the opportunity to talk to us, investors and each other to get valuable help in their growth journey.