Mar 2024 - Kode Sits Down At The Groei Tafel in Limburg

March 6th, 2024. Kode will attend the Groei Tafel: On Wednesday, March 6th, the 3rd edition of The Growth Table will take place, an event specifically for female entrepreneurs in Limburg. Once again, we will be hosted at Beachclub Degreez in Panheel.

Why you should be here 

Melanie van Norden, co-founder of the smart 'Last Mile Marketing Distribution' platform Embrosa, will share her entrepreneurial journey. She describes herself as a 'hustler' and, above all, is extremely enthusiastic. She learns quickly and possesses immense drive and perseverance. She channels these qualities towards the future of SMEs, significantly contributing to the company's growth. Embrosa's BHAG: Helping 50,000 retailers with their marketing every month.

In addition, there will be numerous financial experts present to provide a fresh perspective on your growth plan and outline possibilities for your business. You will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

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