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Scale Up Your Startup!

Welcome to Kode Venture Building

We love building businesses. We believe in the power of ideas that go beyond innovation - ideas that can change the world. The Kode team has built and grown over 20 businesses, start-ups, corporate ventures and regular companies over the years. On top of that we do regular research into what makes companies successful. We have seen most hurdles that need to be crossed when building a business. We offer to share that experience with you and help you realize your dream.

As seasoned entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that sometimes you don't need an advisor, you need a partner. Kode works on a retainer basis, but is in selected cases also willing to invest our time and resources in your company. As a temporary co-founder, your success is our success.

Assess, Build, Grow

We help you retain focus on the right things. By using our proprietary assessment framework, we give you an honest view of where you stand. On your leadership team, your strategy and your financial blueprint.

24 Month Commitment

We assist you in building and scaling your venture. From laying the foundation, to finding you first customers and growing your organization. We are your partner for the long run, we stay with you as long as you need us.

You Stay in Control

We work side-by-side with you, but you stay in charge and run your business using your own abilities, ideas, and assets. We are there to help you and your business grow.

Limited Spots

We can accept only 2-4 companies per year. Building a business requires focus and we want to be able to be there for you.


Our Approach

Phase 1 - Foundation for Growth (6-9 months)

  • Creating a plan
  • Assessing and documenting strategy
  • Creating an investable legal structure
  • Preparing for the funding process
  • Assessing and strengthening the team
  • Assessing IP and advising on protection
  • Planning for further product development
  • Securing funding

Phase 2 - MVP and First Customers (6-12 months)

  • Execution of the growth plan
  • Finishing the product MVP
  • Securing the first (pilot) customers
  • Extending the organization with a commercial team
  • Building the Sales Strategy
  • Proposals and Contracts
  • Negotiations
  • Extending the product development team
  • Building a support organization
  • Finding additional talent
  • Securing contracts with external service providers

Phase 3 - Growth (12-18 months)

  • Advice in support of large or strategic decisions
  • Regular meetings to discuss the progress of the company
  • Availability on an ad-hoc basis to spar, vent or celebrate
  • Founders can still draw upon Kode's network and ecosystem partners

Participation Criteria

  • Headquarters located in the Netherlands
  • Committed and passionate entrepreneurs
  • Scalable and sustainable business model
  • Serving large global B2B markets

  • Early market traction or revenue
  • Potential to scale fast
  • Disruptive and innovative solution
  • Proprietary core technology, data or assets.

Our portfolio companies